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10 Things to do on a Snow Day ~ With a Bottle of Wine

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Summer here yet? Maybe if we all join together and drink some rosé tonight tomorrow morning it will be 75F and the snow will be a bed of white daffodils! Any chance?

What do you when schools are cancelled, you’re snowed in, the freezer is depleted and you are so bored that selling the kids on E-Bay doesn’t even do it? Wine. It’s pretty much a given. It’s not as if you are going to see the boss tomorrow so what’s wrong with having a little tipple every now and again – here are a few suggestions:

  1. Try counting the snow flakes, set a target, like 50, and treat yourself to a good slug of red wine. Start again, and see how many times you can count to 50 before they all look like one huge flake, and fifty is too far away, five sounded better.
  2. Drink a bottle of wine and sticking a candle in the spout and relearn how to make Ruffino drip candle holders.  
  3. Learn to cook a-la Julie Childs/Jacque Pepin style – a cup of wine for the boeuf bourguignon and a bottle of wine for me, and one for Jacque…maybe.  
  4. Invite some friends over, have a bottle of wine and play spin the bottle – make sure the kids are outside. 
  5. Make a very large pot of mulled-wine – use at least four bottles of red, just for the hell of it. It smells pretty good too.
  6. Drink a bottle of wine. Go outside, make a snowman and use the empty bottle for his nose. 
  7. Close all the curtains in the house; turn off all non-essential lights and tell the kids it’s still nighttime so go back to bed. Then sit in front of the TV and have a long relaxing glass of wine. 
  8. Brave the snow and the freezing weather and take a walk to Wine at Five (my favorite suggestion so far). 
  9. Spend time with loved ones – Billecart Salmon, Shebang, Norton Ridge… 
  10. Sit behind a desk, slug a good mouthful of good wine and pretend to be David letterman reading out the top 10 things to do with a bottle of wine on a snow day.

Once that’s done, try selling the kids on E-Bay again, there may be a taker!

On our side, we have a few good things coming up. Check out the Bring out Your Jam Dinner on January 31st – don’t be shy, don’t feel overwhelmed, this is going to be a great night to enjoy great wine with people who want to do the same. I did have one question – couples…you do need to bring 2 bottles – the rule is 1 bottle per seat.

Also coming up there is an Italian Dinner over at the Manursing Club on January 28th. If you are a member or are friends with a member give the club a call and make your reservation – it’s going to be a fabulous menu and we helped to pair the wines so I know the wines are going to be great too. Call the Manursing Club on (914) 967-6400. 

On March 9 we are planning a French Dinner with guest wine-maker Cecile Dusserre. Many of our long-suffering customers know that my favorite regions in the Rhone Valley are Vacqueyras and Gigondas, and hidden amongst the vineyards that are scattered through this tormented geographic terroir are those that belong to one of the most beautiful French wine-makers in all of France. Indeed, Cecile’s entry-level 2009 Cotes du Rhone was my choice for ‘wine of the year’ in 2010. I love her wines, I love her passion for making these wines and I love her joie de vie that fills a room full of somber suited wannabe wine critics. So stay tuned for March 9. 

Also in early March we hope to host a Northern Italian dinner with guest wine-maker Ines Alessandra of the famed Castelfeder Vineyard in Alto Adige, Italy. Her Pinot Grigio and her Pinot Noir have been main-stays on the shelves at Wine at Five, and with the possible exception of Livio Felluga I don’t think that I have tasted a better Pinot Grigio from this northern Sudtirol region. And Ines, like Cecile is one of the most beautiful Italian wine-makers in all of Italy! 

Also coming up will be the Wine at Five 5th Annual Wine and Food Festival. People started asking us in November if we had set a date yet – not yet, but we are working on it and we are gathering all the school holiday and church function dates so that we don’t over-lap. 

Next week I’m off to New York for the Vino-Italia series of tastings. Three days at the Waldorf drinking nothing but Italian wine – maybe I should have put that on the list above!

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